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Throwback: Kossuth County Courthouse



This artist rendition shows the second Kossuth County Courthouse that stood in the exact spot as today’s courthouse.

The first courthouse was a two-story wooden frame building. A replica of the wooden one can be found on the fairgrounds. 

Out of the Past

If you work for the railroad you can’t drink liquor - at all

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Teacher Wanted - A teacher is wanted to teach the Greenwood Center School, Greenwood Tp., for which $30 a month will be paid, term to commence September 2d and continue seven months. Must be competent to give instructions in the rudiments of singing. Apply to Samuel Sands, Sub-Director. 


125 Years Ago

Travel Diary

Enjoyed the solitude, little traffic driving in Italy

By Jim Sloter

Letter to Editor

Full Access Reproductive Health Clinics in Iowa


To the Editor

Our Kossuth County

EMS: An Essential Service to our Community


By Dar Elbert



The Daily Umbrella

The old burn barrel

By Shane Goodman

Try to describe the use of a burn barrel to city kids today, and you are likely going to get some strange looks — and maybe even a citation. For many of us, burning “stuff” in barrels was a common practice. These 55-gallon drums were regularly seen in the backyards and alleyways in many Iowa towns and cities. In some places, they still are.

Families of Faith

The Bible as foundation

By Rev. Patrick Mostek

Assistant Pastor Grace Church, Algona

Throwback: Cycling

Remember when cycling was a high school track event? Me either. Here’s a look at cycling enthusiasts from Algona in the early 1900s. I wonder when this event was eliminated from track meets. Does anyone remember?

Out of the Past

Burt Dr. makes house call by plane

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Oil Prices 


Oh, it’s finger pointing. Why should we blame oil companies for high prices?

The U.S. has 286 million gas burning vehicles registered in 2020. On average 17 million gas burning vehicles sales per year. With 2 million electric vehicles being sold. At this rate we would only have 13% by 2035. I say yes we need investment and incentives from Congress.

Ink Spots

Of revolving doors and the exceptionally adorables

By Molly MacDonald

Writers and Writing

The Land Remains, a plea for stewardship 

By MichaelTidemann

The Land Remains 

Neil D. Hamilton 

Ice Cube Press 

ISBN 978-1-948509-33-6 



What does it mean to be a steward of the land? Beyond that, what public policies would ensure land stewardship for rural America? 

Letter to Editor

An open invitation


Travel Diary

Ancient cobblestone roads and elongated tomatoes

By Jim Sloter

The Daily Umbrella

Remember that....

By Shane Goodman

I recently read an article about things we once used that are now obsolete. I shared it with some friends, and we added several more. See how many of these you can recall.

Families of Faith

For endurance, encouragement, and hope


By Rev. John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, West Bend

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