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The Daily Umbrella

Are you ready for tricks, pranks and fools

With April Fool’s Day less than a month away, now is the time to start thinking about some good pranks. After all, the best ones take proper planning, and many of the top pranks are devised by teenage boys — and grown men who act like teenage boys — as you will read below.

Our Kossuth County

Only as strong as our community

By Joe Carter

ACSD Superintendent

We are halfway through the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year in the Algona Community School District, and it has been an incredible year! Our staff and students continue to choose to Rise to the Occasion and Reach for the Future every day.

Summit carbon solutions makes blatant attempt to undermine Iowans fighting for property rights

Landowners demand all Summit dockets be consolidated and considered as a whole.

Letter to the Editor

I find it truly ironic that some of our elected representatives are railing against the proposed $8 cap on the current obscenely high overdraft fees as government overreach - - yet, some of these same elected officials support taking away an individual’s Reproductive Freedom.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Deal, Algona

Letter to the Editor

Open letter to Representative Henry Stone (and all area Legislators)

I am writing in response to Rep. Stone’s Week 8 newsletter. It is extremely concerning that Republicans find it necessary to continue attacks on public schools by insinuating that Iowa’s dedicated social studies educators are not doing their best for our young people and our country.

Families of Faith

The things that pull us down

By: Rebekah Fischer - Algona Faith

Throwback: Kossuth Shriners take 280 5th graders to the circus

More than 280 fifth graders from all over Kossuth County were guests of the Kossuth Shrine Club at the 42nd annual Abu Bekr Shrine Circus on Saturday, April 9, 1992 at the Sioux City Municipal Auditorium. The ever-popular trip to the circus is sponsored annually by the Shrine Club.

Kyle Mueller was one of many youngsters who got a ride on the elephant.

Writers and Writing

Original Sins a great crime thriller

By Michael Tidemann


Original Sins

Erin Young

Flatiron Books

ISBN 9781250799425


Des Moines, Iowa, is the setting for Original Sins, a crime thriller by Erin Young, author of The Fields. Young lives in Brighton, England, and this is her second book. Both books are based in Iowa.

Our Kossuth County

By Maureen Elbert



Business survey – Kossuth/Palo Alto County EDC

Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation has completed their annual Business Survey. Our survey shows impressive results for Kossuth and Palo Alto Counties. The 158 businesses who participated were asked to complete the survey using an internet site called “Survey Monkey.”

Out of the Past

Painless dentists are coming to Algona


150 Years Ago

The select lands owned by the Jackson Land Company and Messrs. Paton & Agnew Trustees, of the city of New York, will be offered for sale on easy terms. The coming spring with Land Office at Algona in charge of Wm. H. Ingham.


125 Years Ago

Ink Spots

Of another flight, another (too small to mention) glitch 

Some of you may recall I whined a bit in my last column about how it is sometimes hard to come up with topics for Inkspots. However, I now have another travel-by-airplane experience to relate. I flew to Nashville with daughter Heather for a weekend at the home of daughter Meg and spouse.

The Daily Umbrella

Parking Whittemore-style

When Jolene and I first started dating, I took her to meet my father, and we went to church with him in Whittemore, population 497. She noticed that most of the cars were backed in on the angled street parking in front of the church and asked me why that was. I didn’t have an answer. People had parked that way as long as I could remember. They probably still do. She coined a phrase for this type of back-in parking: Whittemore-style.

Learn how to overrule negative thoughts with life coach’s impactful ‘Flipology’ method

Finally, a breakthrough back to common sense. Find peace in today’s turmoil as author Rob Cross shares his unique and powerful tools to help your audience thrive in this uncertain climate. In his book, Flip Your Thinking: To Ignite Your World, he reveals simplistic and highly effective ways to flip how we think to restore hope and to transform how we approach life.

Families of Faith

Stepping out of our comfort zone - missionary journey

Dr. Micah Mitchell

Pastor, Lighthouse to Nations, Ottosen

Throwback: Victim of the wrecking ball

From the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper archives from Jan. 8, 1981. The Old Bryant School, built before the turn or the century was demolished last summer to make room for a new Bryant, currently under construction. The front door archway  was preserved for inclusion in the new building. Classes will begin in the new structure this fall. Cost of the project is about a million dollars.

Letter to the Editor

Power players in Iowa Senate are aiding and abetting

The Iowa legislature is considering a bill designed to combat "organized retail theft" of property from stores. Lawmakers supporting the measure said they wanted to deter looting, which has happened in some U.S. cities.

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