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Veterans, young and old, need each other

By Shane Goodman

I attended a Memorial Day service at a local cemetery a few years ago. I was taking photos when an elderly man walked over to me and asked who I was. I told him my name and what I was doing, and he thanked me immensely for providing coverage of the event and the local veterans. I could see from the focus in his eyes and in the firmness of his handshake that he truly meant it.

Our Kossuth County

Craft show brings 1,400 to town

By Vicki Mallory

Chamber Director


Families of Faith

What do you do with Jesus?

By Rev. Patrick Mostek Assistant Pastor Grace Church, Algona

Eleven years ago, my wife and I were married and went on our honeymoon to the city of Chicago. While we were there, a family from our church gave us a very thoughtful gift. They decided to pay for my wife and I to dine at a five-star restaurant. My wife and I were so excited. We had never been to a five-star restaurant before.

Esther Margaret Knecht


January 31, 1928 - November 6, 2022


Esther Margaret Knecht, 94, of Floyd passed away peacefully on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022.

Throwback: The Band and the courthouse cannon


This article from the Aug. 28 1972 issue of the

Algona Upper Des Moines was written by Duane Dewel

This picture from the T.H. Chrischilles collection of old pictured shows the Little German Band of the teens and early twenties, perched on the old Civil War cannon that graced the court house lawn for many years.

Families of Faith

God created man

in his own image

By Rev. John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran

Church, West Bend

What a Difference a Year Makes

By Jan Ricke - KCHS


Last year as this column was being written the Historical Society was so thankful for everything Kossuth County has done to make the museum a wonderful place to visit. That same thankfulness is even more this year.

So you think you can drive? Was Fritz shaking his head?

By Shane Goodman

Most of you who are reading this and have an Iowa driver’s license likely took some form of driver’s education class. For many of you, it was a class you took as part of your curriculum in your freshman year of high school.

Is Wal-Mart coming to Algona?

Out of the Past - By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Letter to Editor

At this time the election is over and the future of all Americans, born and unborn is still in the hands of our elected officials. Some say the  government has no right to force women to give birth, yet they support this government in their evil agenda to codify abortion into law, and FORCE healthcare workers, regardless of their religious beliefs to kill unborn babies. This government wants to FORCE us as taxpayers to pay for this murder.

Our Kossuth County


POW camp enriched his life

By Jerry Yocum POW Museum


Story of former Prisoner of War

Johann Cassens shrinks the

size of our world.

Ink Spots


Nashville never saw my cowboy boots

By Molly MacDonald

My sister had cowboy boots when she was about seven. You can see them in the picture I’m including. I didn’t have cowboy boots, ever, because she wore them out instead of passing them down to me. I have been somewhat scarred for the rest of my life because of that.

Throwback: Junior Gardeners Club



This photo from the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper from May 1990 shows members of the Junior Gardeners Club filling one of 16 buckets in the Algona business district for community betterment. The planters were filled with petunias, spike and vinca vines. The group included in front from left: Erica Bierstedt, Erin Younginger, Josh and Jacob Kohlhaas. Standing behind them are Penny Arndorfer and Jennifer Lighter.

Out of the Past


The name Algona has a musical sound

By Gene Miller 

150 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

The front porch

By Shane Goodman

The front porch is about as Americana as anything. It defines a more peaceful time when family gathered and friends joined in for conversation in an early evening or a Sunday afternoon. “The Waltons” may come to mind. (Follow the link, and you will smile… I promise.)

Vote NO on Measure 1


To the Editor:

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