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Families of Faith


Now thank we all our God - By Rev. Thomas Cowell, pastor at St. John's Lutheran in Burt and partnership pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Algona

Attacked by bear in West Bend

Out of the Past - By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

The Russell House, since the advent of the new proprietors Ammidon and Cheney is winning golden opinions of all its patrons, for the gentlemanly conduct of its hosts and for the first-class accomodations placed at the disposal of their guests. This house being situated on the public square, is a convenient stopping place for all who have business in town.


125 Years Ago

Long ago memories that remain unblurred by time

By Molly MacDonald

I remember . . . I remember . . .

Heather (4) announcing solemnly, out of the blue: “Texas is closed.”

Erin (10) and Meg (8), when confronted with burnt matches in their bedroom window sill: “Meg did it.” “Erin did it.” I blamed Meg since she was always the scalawag, but found out decades later that it was Erin.

Will you accept these charges?

By Shane Goodman

My smart phone wasn’t working correctly the other day, so I did what most of you would do: I looked at the signal strength bars to see if I had proper coverage, and I looked at the battery level to see if I had enough juice. That’s about all we do with cell phones today, other than the occasional reboot, of course. The complications come when we opt to purchase a new phone, but that is a column for another day.

Our Kossuth County

Impact Snapshot Report released

By Maureen Elbert



The Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation, is pleased to announce the completion of the 2022 Economic Impact Snapshot for Kossuth and Palo Alto counties. The generation of this report was a collaborative effort. Partners in the project included MidAmerican Energy, Iowa Department of Revenue and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Letter to Editor

To the point on EMS Essential

To the Editor:

There are many thoughts and comments going around on the upcoming EMS Essential Service and tax referendum up for vote.

Letter to Editor

Iowa’s education downhill slide

To the Editor:

The current governor’s  ad paints Iowa as a quaint coffee shop. She and Republicans, who control the State House and Senate, constantly brag in their ads the state has a surplus of over 1.9 billion dollars in the general fund.

Throwback: The old barbershop



This photo shows a typical barbershop in 1939. The barbershops were a social gathering place for men where they could discuss current events and gossip about their neighbors. This one in Bancroft shows barbers Charlie Baker in front, Charlie Fox, middle and Elwin O’Dell in back. The young man in the front chair is unknown but Fox was getting ready to shave Maurice Bernhard and O’Dell’s customer was John Haupert. Does this bring back memories?

Out of the past

4th Reding homecoming queen at Garrigan

150 Years Ago

Draying! We are now fully prepared to perform everything in the line of Hauling or Draying, to and from the Depot, at reasonable prices. Orders for Goods or Express will be promptly and carefully attended to. Orders can be left at the Upper Des Moines office, and at the post office. A. B. Shipman, H. S. Pinkerton.


125 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

Are you a good neighbor?

Ever wonder if you are a good neighbor? Sure, you keep your lawn mowed. You don’t let your dog bark continually. And you paint your house as needed. Those things all help, but what do your neighbors truly think of you? If you really want to know, ask the neighbor kid. Think I am wrong? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Letters to the Editor

EMS funding and the future of county-wide ambulance service

To the Editor:

When it comes to calling the ambulance, most people have an expectation of care, but not an expectation of cost.

Throwback: Make Believe



Youngsters took advantage of the nice weather back in 1977, (top photo) and 1972, (left photo), pretending to be pro football stars and possibly acrobats in the circus or rodeo.

Top photo are Mike and Matt Brinkman, Eddie Metzger and Scott Glaser.

Left photo is Jay and Chad Thompson playing with one of the displays at a Farm Expo.

Out of the Past

Post-WWII Western Europe not a pretty picture

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Life is a book of which we can have but one edition. Let each day’s actions, as they add their pages to the indestructible volume, be such as we shall be willing to have an assembled world read.


125 Years Ago

Travel Diary

Heading Home

By Jim Sloter

On our way back to Belgium and our friends there, realizing that the most varied and interesting travel adventure we had ever experienced was coming to an end, emotions were high and feelings mixed. Having spent four months traveling around Europe and the British Isles, we were excited to be going home, but at the same time, sad that our never-to-be-forgotten ‘trip-of-a-lifetime’ was coming to an end.

Ink Spots

Of Lifeline alerts, cobwebs and wrong numbers


By Molly MacDonald

Let me tell you about Lifeline, the program where you punch a little button on a wrist band or neck band to alert someone that you need help. You all are probably already familiar with this or something like it, mainly because of those wretched TV ads where a whiny old lady cries, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Does anyone but me find her annoying? But I digress.


This is what we should fear

To the Editor:

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