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Veterans Day always special

On Friday, Veterans Day will be a priority for those who served in our Armed Forces and for the family members whose loved ones gave their all to make our country what it is today.
The Algona Upper Des Moines staff is doing its own little bit to focus on what these brave men and women have done for their country. In today’s issue, we have three pages of veterans who served before and are still serving today as our way of honoring these people.
The day before, those of us who served in the United State Marine Corps get a double bonus by having a birthday party. I still have my dressed blues somewhere in our home, but there is no way that I could fit into them today. During my dressed blues photo I think I weighed maybe 155 pounds. Add another 100 pounds today and you know what I mean.
What is also interesting is the way that our veterans are treated today. I have a good friend who served in Vietnam. He couldn’t walk through an airport without being spit upon when he came back from Southeast Asia.
In a Veterans Day piece today on Kenny Studer, who served during the Korean Conflict, he tells of roughly the same kind of treatment coming back from Korea.
How heartbreaking!
We all must be thankful today that our veterans are coming home and the people they are defending do care about what happened to them and do care about what they have done for our country to keep our freedom.
Many, and I am one of those veterans that will tell you the Armed Forces did a lot for us. It gave us the discipline we need to live in today’s world. It provided us an education and an experience second to none. And most importantly, it made us proud to put on that uniform to serve the country that we love and the loved ones we care about.
So no matter what you are doing on Friday, please take a moment to thank those who gave all for their country.
Thank you veterans!

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