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Of things done and not done whilst sheltering in

Made a big batch of hot fudge sauce. Poured it over frozen yogurt. Yogurt is good for you, therefore it’s a healthful snack. Also, chocolate is good for the soul, so it’s a spiritually uplifting snack.
Leafed through my baby book. It occurred to me in the middle of an afternoon that I didn’t know who my godfather was. I know my godmother was Daddy’s cousin, Helen Dingley. She lived in the big brick house where Oakcrest is now. According to my baby book, my godfather (I know you’re dying to know) was my Uncle John Kelly of Emmetsburg, Mother’s youngest brother. Found out that the priest who baptized me was a Father Ahmann. Hah! I knew it couldn’t have been an Irish priest, because an Irish priest would have let me be baptized Molly instead of Mary.
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