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Continually moving closer to 2017

We’re halfway through December, meaning that Christmas is 10 days away and a new year is just around the corner.
For us in the newspaper business, we are always thinking about ways that we can improve our publications. When a new year comes around there are always new ideas and new energy that is generated in the newspaper world. It’s all about evolving, changing and making our products even better than what they are today.

Holiday travels around the county

This was my first time seeing what the holidays have to offer in Kossuth County communities. I’ve always been amazed by holiday traditions in all small communities across the country. And Kossuth County didn’t let me down.
It started with the Bancroft Parade of Lights. It was interesting to see some of the floats and it was interesting to see the cars coming down Ramsey Street and backing their cars into parking spots to see the parade. They weren’t disappointed. 

A salute to CNAs

I've been so busy lately that I almost had to check my drivers license the other day to find my address. 
Well, that is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration. 
I’m currently taking two prerequisite classes, and on Jan. 10, 2017, I begin my first nursing class. I’m also working at the hospital on weekends and working on the Algona Upper Des Moines’ 150th anniversary special section, which will come out the end of December. 

Veterans Day always special

On Friday, Veterans Day will be a priority for those who served in our Armed Forces and for the family members whose loved ones gave their all to make our country what it is today.
The Algona Upper Des Moines staff is doing its own little bit to focus on what these brave men and women have done for their country. In today’s issue, we have three pages of veterans who served before and are still serving today as our way of honoring these people.

Poised to move forward

This is my first actual issue as managing editor of the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper.
Since my arrival in Algona on Sept. 1, I have spent time meeting people, learning the lay of Kossuth County and understanding the operations of the local newspaper. Now it is my turn to implement ideas that will make your weekly newspaper one of the best in Iowa. I’m excited about that opportunity.

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