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OUR KOSSUTH COUNTY: Train station will remain

The last few months at the Kossuth County Agricultural and Motorsports Museum have been active with several events occurring and additional events in the planning stages. Going back several months as COVID-19 was still more prevalent, some events were cancelled or changed. Also, unfortunately, long-time board member, contributor, and owner of the Benschoter Train Station, Arlen Benschoter, passed away on May 27, 2021.

ADVANCE EDITORIAL: Find something you love at Founders’ Day

Food, music, art, history, class reunions, competitions, kids activities, family gatherings – they are all there for your enjoyment at the 2021 Algona Founders’ Day event that begins Thursday night.

Why can’t Algona do it if other towns do?

It’s a question we frequently hear when it comes to the serving of alcohol in a public setting in this town – other towns can do it, why can’t Algona?
The latest discussion surrounds the debate over how to administer, enforce, police or otherwise control the distribution of liquor during the coming Founders’ Day celebration on State Street.

They count, too

A vast majority profess to hate the subject, perhaps because the ultimate reality is math is at the core of just about everyone’s financial situation. 

Of inherited genes and fun finding them

A funny thing happened on the way to ... where? or what? Hard to describe what I’m trying to write about. You see, our oldest daughter, Heather, came down from Minneapolis two weeks ago to spend a weekend with her Beloved Mother (okay, my description, not necessarily hers). In the course of our reminiscing about her and her siblings growing-up years, she recalled with a chuckle how her dad’s arms would itch whenever we would tease him.

Letter to the Editor: Homeless Catholic

To the Editor:
Last week’s front page article on the formation of the new Divine Mercy Parish in our region of the Sioux City Catholic Diocese somehow left out the rest of the story.

Hummel figure mystery solved

As we travel, we learn. We learn about history — it is said that a regular traveler eventually becomes a history buff. We learn the lay of the land and experience what cannot be adequately described. We learn about various traditions in other societies. We have often said, “ Oh, so that’s what that is,” or “Now I see.” Wherever we have traveled, people live, love, laugh and enjoy life. 
There are many quotes about travel, but here are a few that I particularly like. 

EMS: Are you part of the solution?

Kossuth County’s EMS System continues to evolve providing advanced life support countywide. This system is designed to work with the volunteers of Kossuth County and is not intended to replace any volunteers or local services. Volunteers are still needed, and we are always looking to add more volunteers in the county. If you are interested in volunteering or wondering what EMS is about, please contact me.

Dough Mobile coming to the Farmers Market

Were you ever a fan of the television sitcom “Cheers?” I loved this show as a kid and still get the theme song in my head now and then. The lyrics went something like this, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...and they’re always glad you came.” 

Out of the Past: What happened 150, 125, 100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago in our area

100 years ago: For the first time in many years Algona has a salaried baseball team. President J. Clyde Smith announces that a “going” nine of Dubuque college boys has been secured for the season, and will come to Algona next Sunday, ready for a schedule of games. The local management does not want to represent the collegians as world beaters, but they have built up a good team, and will represent Algona in a creditable manner.

On the Side: A meeting?

There are many ways to skirt the law. You’ve probably driven somewhere and just held your seatbelt with your hand, making it look like you were actually wearing it to travelers and perhaps law enforcement. Over the years, I’ve witnessed or heard of efforts of local elected officials finding ways to skirt Iowa’s open meetings and open records laws. There are always reasons – some call them excuses – for doing that.

Review: Poignant and inspiring read

Despite an abundance of World War II novels and nonfiction over the past several years, one novel stands out in its depiction of soldiers and civilians. 

Herding cows on a bicycle

... The program in full Bavarian dress, lederhosen and all, at the hotel included a five-piece German band, Bavarian folk singers and a dance group containing eight year olds to adults. They told a few jokes (people laughed) along with the other entertainment. Children danced around the MayPole and the group ended with a clever wood chopper’s dance, all very different from anything we had ever seen.

Kossuth County Historical Society celebrating Iowa Museum Week with activities

The week of June 7-13 is Iowa Museum Week, an initiative of the Iowa Museum Association, of which Kossuth County Historical Society is a member. Iowa’s 400 museums range from arboretums to zoos, all educational collecting organizations, providing careful stewardship for future generations. The Historical Museum has a few special items on the agenda for this week.

Advance Editorial: Time to gauge interest in community theater

Algona has a pretty incredible and growing arts infrastructure.
Missing from Algona’s portfolio, however, are stage productions.
See the full editorial in the June 10 print edition of the Advance. Subscribe by calling 515-295-3535 or get single copies for $1.50 on newsstands starting June 9.


Families of Faith column: Doing Good

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matt. 5: 16
Last week I was reminded that even today in our world there are still a lot of good people doing good things. I was also reminded how good God is to me. To prove my point, I want to share three incidents of how people touched and enriched my life because they were doing good. 

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