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The gift of family

Right now, so many people are under great financial stress due to the current crisis we are going through. But, if people are healthy and can keep their families together, they should get on their knees and give thanks to God for how lucky they truly are.
Only a few generations ago, when financial times were bad, we did not have the social welfare programs we have now. People were often forced to make a very difficult choice.
Colleen Bilyeu, Algona

Easter and the virus

I was watching a program on CBS HDTV this morning, and I got a mental message from Jesus. The show was on the virus that has the world in its grip. There was a high-ranking Army officer on and a priest. The priest said something about fear that made sense to me. He mentioned fear, and you know, first we have to overcome our fear of something in order to work in its presence to conquer it. That made sense to me.

Dispatchers unsung heroes

Most of us have made “that” call. Something dreadful happens, and you run to the nearest phone to dial 911. Within seconds, you hear a calm, reassuring voice saying, “Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office. How can I help you?” Without hesitation, a dispatcher listens to the caller and determines the proper course of action, dispatching necessary emergency personnel to the scene or rendering life-saving assistance to someone in need.

About the county's raise

It is so heartening to see that even during a global pandemic when thousands and thousands of Iowans are losing their jobs, their livelihoods and their fortunes, our courageous county supervisors can still vote themselves a big, fat raise.
Terry Ziesman, Algona
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Of things done and not done whilst sheltering in

Made a big batch of hot fudge sauce. Poured it over frozen yogurt. Yogurt is good for you, therefore it’s a healthful snack. Also, chocolate is good for the soul, so it’s a spiritually uplifting snack.

COVID-19 and collective grief

Are we all getting tired of hearing about COVID-19? Maybe. This pandemic has certainly brought waves of change in a relatively short period of time. We are all feeling those effects, trying to keep up with each new wave and bit of information that comes our way, and the behavior changes they require. And we are all dealing with grief and loss as a result. 

Chamber promotes local during pandemic

Happy spring! 
Normally, a column at this time of the year would include information on all of our upcoming summer activities. As everyone is aware, we don’t have a normal right now. And, with so many unknowns, we don’t know when we will. Things will look a lot different moving forward. We are carefully discussing and planning so that we are prepared for our events depending on the situation. Most important is the health and safety of all involved. 

A cemetery walk to remember

I’ve written before about how much I loved to walk to, and through, Riverview Cemetery from our house. Those walks ended abruptly when a patch of ice rudely sneaked under my foot, causing me to land in a snow drift, staring at the sky. I adjourned to St. Cecelia Church then for my walks. It is lovely there, quiet, peaceful and, best of all, no ice. Or wind. Or rain. However, the church now is closed and locked, as are so many places during this pandemic.

German POWs in Algona? Are you kidding?

The volunteer hosts at the Camp Algona Prisoner of War museum sometimes get that response. Why would the U.S. government spend $1.3 million to build a prison camp for 10,000 German prisoners in Algona? Even for those who don’t know our history, that’s a legitimate question. Why would the government do that?

Women now allowed to caucus...

100 Years Ago: Caucuses preliminary to the Republican county convention to be held at the court house Saturday, April 17, will be held in all four wards of the city next Wednesday evening between 7 and 8 o’clock. A feature of this year’s caucuses is that women are invited to attend and take part.
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Society keeps Kossuth County history alive

Preserve. Document. Enrich.
These title words are the key elements of the Kossuth County Historical Society’s motto: Preserving the Past, Documenting the Present, Enriching the Future. With these ideals in mind, the society has been and is a thriving entity for Kossuth County.

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RSVP celebrates National Volunteer Month

Over the past year, 354 Northwest Iowa RSVP volunteers served 29,690 hours in our communities.
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Food for Thought

I enjoy going to the grocery store. I see people. I read labels – another story for another time. In general, I make a game of getting the best deal. The last few weeks, my grocery shopping observations have changed dramatically.
Beer display grows

Treasures at Ag & Motorsports Museum

The modern, beautifully landscaped building on the northeast corner of the Kossuth County Fairgrounds is the home of the Kossuth County Agricultural and Motorsports Museum. This facility was constructed almost a decade ago. Several individuals had the foresight to memorialize and preserve the rich agricultural and automotive motorsports history of this area.

Right now, we need doses of humor

This is such a sad, tragic time, it’s hard to know what to write about. I ache for all those affected by this virus, those who are sick with it, those who have lost loved ones and those who are losing their livelihoods because of it.
 That said, I think it’s important to try to find a little humor to brighten our spirits, if only for a little while.

Pastor's divorce scheme outed

Lu Verne is agitated over recent discoveries about Kossuth’s cowboy evangelist, A.S. Finnell. He opened up at Clarion some five or six years ago, then went to Goodell, and finally landed at Lu Verne, where he left his wife and a young child and also two children by a former wife. However, out in California, Finnell’s lying divorce scheme will likely land him in the penitentiary.

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