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Stand-your-ground may have an impact

Lead Summary

When the new weapons laws came into effect on July 1, Kossuth County law enforcement and others read through them to see how it may impact what they do.
Among the changes that went into effect were firearm safety training program, permit renewal requirements and permit to acquire and increased the ability to use stand-your-ground defense when firing a gun in self-defense. 
In regards to permits allowing the lawful carrying of a firearm, the State of Iowa became a “Shall Issue” state in 2011.
According to Kossuth County Sheriff Steve Kollasch, permits were issued or not issued in each of the 99 counties at the sheriff’s discretion. Now if the applicant fits the criteria, the applicant will be issued a permit to carry.
Kollasch believes the legislators made this change for a number of reasons, one of which to create more consistency from county to county.
For more on this story, please see the Sept. 14 issue of Kossuth County Advance.


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