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Spread the holiday cheer to all

Christmas Day is three days away. The day is a time to celebrate with our families. It is also a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
More than any other time of the year, people always seem to get into the Christmas spirit and seem to be more patient and kinder.
Prime example was my visit to Fareway last week to get one pack of hamburger buns after work for supper. A lady with a cart full of groceries was kind enough to let me slip through with my one item; although I was standing in another line waiting for the person in front of me to finish purchasing her groceries. 
That is the holiday spirit at its best — just a small token of kindness. The lady had been waiting for a few moments for the person in front of her to purchase her cart full of foodstuffs. She could have gone right through the line without a second thought, but she chose to send a little kindness my way. I thanked her for that.
For some reason this is the kind of heartwarming tales you come to enjoy in our small Midwestern towns — be it Blooming Prairie, Minn., where I worked previously or Buffalo, Wyo., where we lived before that.
I’ve found that the holidays in Kossuth County aren’t any different than any other county we’ve lived in across the country; it just has its different way of spreading the holiday cheer.
Prime example is today’s front page where two youngsters — Ryan Haynes and Spencer Doerning — portray their color drawing about the holiday season. They both were excited to have the opportunity to showcase their talents. This was a way for each of them to spread their holiday joy to others.
It is still fun to see the joy on our families’ faces when each of them opens that present on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Many times they will know what the gifts are. Many times they can’t figure out a thing. Either way, it is just a joyful time for the family.
I’m hoping that it will be the same for your families as you celebrate this holiday season. 
I ask that you please, try to remember on Christmas Day, our military personnel that are not able to make it home with their families and are spending their holiday season in different areas of the world in order that we can celebrate with our families. I was one of them several times in my life.
Merry Christmas to all!


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