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Sewer rehab project underway

Lead Summary

ALGONA — A $2.44 million sanitary sewer rehabilitation project is underway.
The first sewer lines are expected to be cleaned and lined starting Nov. 6 and completed in June. Crews will begin the work in residential areas in the southern part of Algona.
“Depending how the weather goes, we could have it done in March,” said Pete Baumann, estimator and project manager for Visu-Sewer Inc. 
Visu-Sewer has been contracted by the city of Algona to reline the sanitary sewer main that property is connected to.
The last major sewer rehabilitation project was conducted in Algona in 2012, when most of the downtown area was completed. Under the current project, an estimated 20 percent of all of the community’s sanitary sewer system will be rehabilitated.
For more on this story, please see the Nov. 2 issue of Kossuth County Advance.


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