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Steven Riskedahl

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October 25, 1949 - October 22, 2023


At Rice Lake, Wis. I entered this world on Oct. 25,1949. My mom, Ione Christenson, and my dad, Stanley Riskedahl, were delighted that I was a boy, because my sister, Judy, had been born three years earlier. Six years later my brother Wayne joined the family.

When I was a little older, we moved to Hubbard. Growing up there was pretty simple. I guess they tell me I was sort of a stinker, but that won’t surprise any of you that knew me.

In 1971, I married Karen Lawler, and we had two boys. Eric was born in 1974 and Evan in 1978. What handsome young men they were. The marriage lasted about thirty years; and because of irreconcilable differences, we parted ways.

On July 9, I emailed a lady named Lark and we communicated for a while until we met in Arnold’s Park. After that first meeting  we were together for eighteen years until I took my last breath.

Lark and I had a ball together. We both loved to dance, travel, visit with friends, see family and talk. We also had a great time doing balloons at the Algona events. We both could not imagine life without each other.

You all know that I was a little bit of a jokester. I guess when I was a little boy, I got glasses that were metal. I decided to stick them in a light switch. Well, Judy says I never did it again, but it must have LIT something up. I always told Lark on my birthday:  “I am your age for two days, and then you get OLDER!”

After moving to Algona, I worked at the Good Samaritan Home. I loved it, and many of the employees and residents loved me. I would take them for rides in my convertible, and I took lots of them to appointments. I retired but still helped out until I was too ill to work.

On Sunday morning I left this world with Lark on the recliner next to me and sweet Lulu, our dog, keeping my feet warm. Lark had been up an hour before that talking to me.

At the pearly gates I met my son Eric, my mom and dad, my niece Lori, Lark’s daughter Jenny, Lark’s parents Jim and Helene Whittemore, and so many others that had left before me.

I left behind Lark who adored me, and I loved her so! Missing me will be my son Evan, my grandchildren Devon, CJ, Maggie, Tommy and James; my sister Judy and Keith Dubberke, my brother Wayne and Joan, Lark’s son TJ and Lisa, Lark’s sister Britt Carnes, Lark’s brother Gerry Whittemore and Karla; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. I also have to thank my dear AA friends who were always there for me. God bless you all.

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