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What do you think of California’s effort to dictate how livestock is raised throughout the U.S. by forbidding the products from noncorforming states to be sold there?

• We are the United States of America, and the states must be able to have free trade among one another.
14% (6 votes)
• The people in states should have the right to set their own rules and regulations for trade.
14% (6 votes)
• I’m in favor of California’s law because it may be the only way to improve conditions for livestock.
14% (6 votes)
• California doesn’t have the right to tell livestock producers elsewhere in the country how to operate.
43% (18 votes)
• I don’t know.
7% (3 votes)
• I don’t eat livestock products, so I don’t care.
7% (3 votes)
Total votes: 42

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