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Migraines incapacitating, common, treatable

Lead Summary

Twelve and 20 are two important numbers to remember with migraines. Migraines impact up to 12 percent of the population and create about $20 billion worldwide in direct costs because of missed job opportunities because you can’t work, said Dr. Alan Hjelle, a family doctor at Kossuth Regional Health Center.
“Migraine is a common problem. When people have migraines, it is incapacitating, and you can’t think of anything but the migraine you are having,” he said. “Migraines can be treated. We might have to go through a few steps to diagnose it and get the right mix of medication or try to get on a preventive program or if specialists are needed or long-term help is needed, use more secondary medication.”

Read the complete sttory in the June 18 Kossuth County Advance.

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