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That our nation will lose more than 100,000 to COVID-19 is a human disaster. It already has killed more people in a few months than die annually from the flu. The problem with COVID-19 is it is so contagious. Though Kossuth County, as of Tuesday, had just seven confirmed cases, we would be foolish to think there are not more – many more.
Look what happened in Wright County in the last week. There were about a dozen cases there, but several new rounds of tests confirmed more than 75 cases in just a couple of days. Almost all of those people were asymptomatic – they didn’t know they had it. It’s that situation which spreads of the virus. If you don’t feel sick, you don’t look sick, but you are sick, you go about your days normally, with a real chance of infecting others who might have certain health concerns that make them more susceptible to getting sick or perhaps dying.
Read the complete column in the May 28 Kossuth County Advance.

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