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TRAVEL DIARY: The happy wanderer and East Germany realities

Even though the East German police checked us over the night before, we slept well and awoke ready to tour the Goebel porcelain factory – especially the Hummel figurine manufacturing section. Approaching the entrance, we were greeted by an eight foot tall concrete copy of their Happy Wanderer figurine which happens to be my favorite. 
At the Goebel Reception Center at 8 a.m., we got a warm welcome and explanation of the numerous lines of fine porcelain that are manufactured at Goebel – Hummel figurines are only one small part. Next we saw a half-hour movie that told the story of Goebel and how it had started 100 years before, saw more about their different porcelain lines and the story of the Hummel figurines. 
Read the full column in the Sept. 23 Advance. 

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