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Families of Faith

Remember how I told you



t the end of next month I will have been married to my wife Hannah for eight years.  And in those eight years, I’ve likely heard Hannah say to me, at least eight thousand times, “Remember how I told you!” 

Remember how I told you soccer practice is at 5?!

Remember how I told you the taxes are due on Monday?!

Remember how I told you not to put my sweater in the dryer?!

Throwback: From 1954 Algona Upper Des Moines archives
Out of the past

Bald-headed man is the man of the future

150 Years Ago

Notwithstanding the bad state of the roads between this place and Emmetsburg, there appears to be no falling off in travel. Plows, scrapers, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc., are being transported along the line of the railroad, and judging from appearances, things will be pretty extensively pushed as soon as the weather becomes settled.


125 Years Ago

Writers and Writing

Memoir redefines meaning of home

The Long Way Home

Tom Montgomery Fate

Ice Cube Press

ISBN 9781948509367



The ‘Long Way Home’ is a collection of essays on what it means to find home in far-flung places. A memoir about how travel eventually brings us home, is the April featured selection for Writers and Writing. Author Tom Montgomery Fate is a native of Maquoketa and Iowa City, Iowa.

Our Kossuth County

Plenty to do this summer


By Vicki Mallory

Chamber Director


The Daily Umbrella

The glowing tombstone


The glowing tombstone. Most everyone who grew up in Kossuth County knows exactly what I am referencing. And most of you reading this likely have a similar spooky story about a graveyard structure in your hometown.

Families of Faith

By Rev. Al Foote - Pastor, Evangelical Free Church, Algona

He is risen indeed!

The significance of various symbols of Easter

Easter Sunday is a day when Christians across the globe celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Data from the Pew Research Center indicates there are approximately 2.4 billion Christians across the globe, which accounts for nearly one-third of the global population.

Our Kossuth County - Let’s help the helpful honeybee


By Meredith Nelson

Kossuth County Extension


At our seed exchange event this month, Betsy Barglof, a Kossuth County Master Gardener volunteer, gave a fascinating presentation on honeybees. Honeybees are essential to our food system, and yet many people are unfamiliar with the importance of these insects.

Of Christopher Robin and other four-legged friends

By Molly MacDonald

The first secret to success

By Shane Goodman


Out of the Past - Gambling Joint in Algona raided

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Advance Poll - What did you say we should do about Ukraine?



In early March, Enterprise Media conducted an unscientific poll on its websites for the Spencer Daily Reporter, the Dickinson County News in Spirit Lake and the Kossuth County Advance in Algona. People were asked to select one of several options to answer the following question: What do you say about the U.S. and the situation in Ukraine?

Throwback: Win a pony!



Imagine winning a pony! Would we ever see a promotion like this today? Would it work as well? Did children beg their parents to shop at East End Grocery so they could enter to win? Does anyone remember who won the pony and whatever became of it?


From the Algona Upper Des Moines, June 29, 1954 archives....


Families of Faith

Something to look forward to

By Rev. Walt Reemtsma - Pastor, Burt, Lone Rock Presbyterian churches

Chickering right....once again

By Shane Goodman

Chickering right.... once again

I learned to type as a student at Algona High School in the 1980s. Our class instructor, Mr. Chickering, said we better all learn how to type, as most all of us would need to know how to use computers in our daily tasks. He was right.

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