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COVID 19 - Couple had it & Grandparent Disputes Statements

Take it from them, COVID is for real
To the Editor:
After some nudging from many friends, I have decided to write this letter to explain the journey that Ken and I have been on for over a month. 

Ag and Motorsports Museum getting back to normal

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter our lives, but as time passes and more knowledge becomes available about how the virus is transmitted and how people are affected, efforts toward normalcy continue. Schools have reopened, sports events are happening, and more business establishments are finding ways to provide services to their customers.

Pass the test?

Will the adults wind up in charge at the University of Northern Iowa? Last week, the UNI Student Government voted against granting formal recognition to a UNI chapter of Students for Life, a pro-life organization that exists on some other college campuses. The UNI Student Government labeled the organization a “hate group” with “opinions that get people killed.” It’s likely the UNI administration is going to step in and address the matter, but it has yet to do so.

YHWH Rapha – the Lord your healer

... Physical sickness is only one kind of aliment. There is also mental sickness. It seems like every year more and more people are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse disorders and I could go on. However, the Bible points to a much greater sickness at the heart of humanity, and it is a spiritual sickness. Everyone is afflicted by this disease and we are powerless against it on our own. But there is hope.

Wide brushes

...“Are you a racist?” was the immediate response to the question. Last week, I watched for a bit as my wife painted a storm door. It has some grooves and corners. She decided her roller was too big and that she needed a narrower one to really do it right. Painting with a wide roller or brush can get all of us into trouble. We stain that which doesn’t deserve it in our haste...
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Of cooking, not cooking and looking back

For someone who has pretty much retired from cooking, I get an urge once in a blue moon to come out of retirement and make something tasty. Okay, to be honest, I never was much of a cook and I never especially liked doing it, so you can understand why, after years of feeding seven people - we had five children, in case you’re just tuning in to this column - turning in my chef’s hat was a cause for celebration.

We are one in the Spirit

... How we explain communion to ourselves and each other is very often different, and the rituals we bring to communion worship are as different as the communion cups on my bookshelf. We are not defined by our differences, but by what we have in common as the People of God, the Body of Christ, the Universal Church.  ...
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Our agenda at the Advance is simple - community

... This is National Newspaper Week, designated by Congress decades ago to spotlight the important role newspapers play in providing news and information to citizens.
Newspapers have been around a long time. There is no guarantee that will ever be so. Over the past two decades, a third of the nation’s newspapers have slipped away. Most were very small, but some have been very large. It’s not so much that people quit reading newspapers, it’s that retailing changed. ....

Safety begins by protecting our staff

... Recently we identified a safety issue that resulted in a change that will impact members of our community who use sharps for their medical care. Effective immediately, Kossuth Regional Health Center will no longer accept used sharps for disposal.  ...
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54,896 names on the Menin Gate Memorial

...It is easy to think that a castle is a castle, but each one we saw was as different as their locations and topography, kings involved in their construction and who designed them. 

Are your bins full enough to withstand life's derecho?

... t the empty bins were more prone to storm damage was that they were empty in preparation for the upcoming harvest. Had they been full of grain, the presence of the grain would have provided support and stability to the bin’s walls as they were subjected to the powerful winds. ...
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Flat Stanley comes to Algona, makes new friends

...Next, I took Flat Stanley along with me to Lisa’s Hair Design, where both of us got haircuts. Lisa sat Flat Stanley in her chair, put a cape around him and posed with her scissors next to his head - it made a great picture.
Then we happened to see Misty in the backyard of Pet Kingdom, so she posed with Flat Stanley (who from now on I’m going to refer to as F.S. because I’m tired of typing his name - I’m sure he doesn’t mind). ...

About the college...

The Electoral College is probably going to be a controversial component in the 2020 presidential election, as it was in 2016. Get some data and information on the Electoral College and how it saves individual and minority rights in Brad Hicks' "On the Side" column in the Oct. 1 Kossuth County Advance.

Kossuth County the champ in wheat production!

A Kossuth county farmer claims to have raised 65 bushels of wheat to the acre this year. The Upper Des Moines claims that Kossuth is the champion wheat county of the state on this showing.
Read about this and other historical happenings in Gene Miller's "Out of the Past" column in the Oct. 1 Kossuth County Advance.

Iepers is full of surprises

Ieper is walled-in with a moat surrounding much of that community of about 18,000 residents. Entering through the west gate, we found city streets meandering in every direction, some of them cobblestone. Our first thought was, “What a nice looking old community.” And it is, but that is only part of the story. The wide-open Grand Market in the city center is indeed grand, surrounded in every direction by beautiful old architecture.

West Bend-Mallard school year off to great start

The school year is off to a great start at West Bend-Mallard! We have had to make many adjustments due to COVID-19, but overall, we are adjusting well. The staff is working diligently to assess where students are at in the beginning of the year and teaching them from there. We are working with parents and students to make sure everyone is healthy when coming to school and while they are at school. We have also been able to celebrate normal events throughout our time here at school. 

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