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Out of the Past - Iowa State Fair caravan coming to Algona

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Mr. John Piercy, living ten miles north of town, was accidentally thrown from his wagon last week and very badly hurt. The hind wheel of the wagon passed over his shoulder and breast, causing an internal injury. At our latest accounts he was slowly recovering. Dr. Garfield is attending the sufferer.


125 Years Ago

This is gonna hurt me worse than it hurts you

By Shane Goodman

I wasn’t on the receiving end of many spankings as a youth. I may have thought I was at the time, but, looking back, they were minimal. My big brother Steve, on the other hand, took his share, and I learned a lot about what to do and not to do from observation.

Our Kossuth County - Summer is “go time” in Algona

By Nick Diers

City of Algona


Summer is “go time” for our local parks and recreation department. As July winds down, it’s a good time to look back at all the activities that have happened and look forward to what is coming this fall.

Of trying to redeem my somewhat grumpy image

By Molly MacDonald

It occurs to me that my last column might have made me sound like a grump. You may remember, I ranted a bit about people who shoot off fireworks in their neighborhoods, thereby sending Seamus and lots of other dogs into paroxysms of terror. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “paroxysms” before. I don’t think I’ll ever use it again.

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

An open letter to Representative Feenstra

Please try to get the facts straight for your next newsletter. I am concerned that you are misleading, if not downright gaslighting your constituents with untruths about the economy.

Letter to Editor

Could Iowa Lose Its Energy Leadership Position?

Those of us over a certain age will remember frequent trips to the neighborhood Blockbuster to pick up an evening of entertainment. Blockbusters were everywhere. Today, they are gone. Why? Blockbuster failed to keep up with consumer preferences (convenience) and technology (video streaming). It seems obvious now, but 20 years ago it was unthinkable.

Families of Faith

By Rev. Peter Talbot, Pastor - Grace Church, Algona


Our Kossuth County - Big celebration at the Agricultural and Motorsports Museum

By Don Heupel

Ag and Motorsports Museum


This is a special year at the Kossuth County Agricultural and Motorsports Museum. We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of opening.  Several special events are being planned to commemorate this milestone. We of course continue to be grateful to those with the foresight and dedication to make this museum a reality. This includes past and present board members, contributors, sponsors, and other supporters.

Didn’t own much; didn’t owe much

By Shane Goodman

Didn’t own much; didn’t owe much. Read it again. Those six words explain the lifestyle of many families from just a few generations ago.

My mother was born in 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression. Most of us can’t imagine the doom and demise of that time. Those who lived it learned to get by on little of nothing.

Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor:

Letter to Editor

To the Editor:

Do you ever consider where the most dangerous place to be is? We think of the Middle East or large cities. How about in the womb of a worman who does not want you? You’re helpless and there’s no place to hide .

Where she is killing sanctioned? Sixty-three-million babies have been killed since their killing has been made legal.

Book takes on ag pollution



The Swine Republic

Chris Jones

Ice Cube Press, LLC

ISBN 9781948509404



The Swine Republic, a collection of essays on the impact of Iowa’s agriculture on the nation’s environment, is the August featured selection for Writers and Writing. Author Chris Jones is research engineer with IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering at the University of Iowa.

Out of the Past - Prominent Kossuth County farmer missing

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Last Saturday was a lively day in town. Standing on State Street one could count from forty to fifty teams at almost any time in the afternoon. There must have been at least one hundred teams in town during the greater part of the day. This life and stir is encouraging as giving some faint idea of the Algona of the future.


125 Years Ago

Throwback: Ridiculous Days



Families of Faith

When tradition is lost

Rev.John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, West Bend

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