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Abundance of tomatoes at Farmers Market

Going to the Iowa State Fair is always a treat. I love seeing the biggest and best of what our great state has to offer. You can experience everything, from seeing the biggest boar in the swine barn to the largest pumpkin to eating the craziest corndog. 

OUR KOSSUTH COUNTY: Advance's internship provided growth, opportunities, relationships

 ....  I am thankful to have learned and progressed in all of these valuable skills through my internship and time here at the Kossuth County Advance. However, I am most thankful for the environment that my coworkers created.  ....
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ON THE SIDE: Dis-passionate

... Common sense in America is an endangered species. It is threatened with removal by passionate groups who not only don’t want to hear a rational argument, but their own persona cannot withstand the expression of such and meet it with immediate allegations of discrimination or hate or even violence. ...
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INKSPOTS: Tales of two gardens

... I especially remember when Don would plow the garden in the early spring. He plowed it using a pair of horses, one white, one brown – Sam and . . . um . . . I can’t remember the brown horse’s name. It was magical for a six-year-old to watch the steady gait of the horses with Don walking slowly behind them. He would wave at me every time they came to the end of a row and I would wave wildly back, calling out the horses’ names as they lumbered by.

Four accidents in one day

... We had driven about 7,000 miles so far on that trip and saw almost no accidents until that day when we saw four, that served to intensify my caution behind the wheel.  At about noon, we stopped at a campground to take a hot shower. The shower was small and the water was solar heated in a black hose spread out on the roof, unique. We managed to finish before the hot water ran out. ....
Where was Jim? Check out his travelogue column in the Aug. 12 Advance.

Whose job is it?

... As I reflect on my responsibilities to my newborn daughter as her Christian father and my responsibilities to the children and adults of my congregation as their pastor, I think back to a sermon I preached two years ago on the first day of Sunday school. The sermon was titled: “So, whose job is it?” The gist of the sermon was that when it comes to the rearing of children in the Christian faith, we often see this as the job of everyone except ourselves.  ...

Local popcorn available at Kossuth Farmers Market

You don’t have to be in Iowa for long to recognize that in this state, we love our corn. Although 99 percent of the corn fields in Iowa produce field corn, sweet corn and popcorn are also available locally. 
At the Kossuth County Farmers Market we are fortunate to have a local popcorn grower amongst our vendors. 
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FAMILIES OF FAITH: Do unto others...

... As the car came upon me, the driver just in the nick of time returned to the correct lane. And, then, the driver gave me a dirty look and a gesture that was uncalled for. I had done nothing but be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  As I drove by I was confused about what had just happened.

ON THE SIDE: Revisiting '96

... Television runs college football. It has since the 1980s when the College Football Association was formed as a way for schools to get more games on television and not be limited by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s limitations on televising games. The schools wanted more games on TV because they wanted the money and exposure. A struggling startup sports network called ESPN was new on the scene and looking for content.

OPINION: Free community college makes us smarter, richer

“Do we want to give the wealthiest people in America another tax cut, “ asked Joe Biden, “or do you want to give every high school graduate the ability to earn a community college degree?”  The president’s question was not rhetorical. He was speaking at an event to promote his American Families Plan, which includes spending that would enable Americans to attend free two-year community college. 
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TRAVELOGUE: In the cradle of Christian culture

... In our coming and going, walking through The Neuter tunnel, we noticed a rough stone stairway up the side of the stone mountain near the west entrance and followed it to see where it led. To our surprise, it led to a large park on top of the mountain with paths going different directions, so we did some exploring. We couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was up there – in the heart of the busy city.  ...

LETTERS topics: Freedom to choose / Evictions

This week's letters to the editor are on these topics:
We must fight for freedom of choice
To the Editor:

ADVANCE EDITORIAL: Let's be smart about COVID-19 flareup

Any thought that COVID-19 was in our past can be put to rest. It isn’t. 
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ON THE SIDE: Dogs’ lives

Belmond has a paw up on Algona’s dog park. The Belmond Independent last week featured a photo of the park there, which now includes some umbrellas, the type you might find pool-side, to provide shade for dogs and, I assume, their owners. 
As if community development leaders don’t have enough competition when it comes to providing amenities for current and would-be residents, you can now add pet entertainment facilities. 

TRAVEL DIARY: Hohensalzburg fortress view

Marsha’s diary: “We went to see the statue of the Virgin Mary on the Dom platz [square] and went inside the cathedral with its twin towers and large dome that was damaged during WWII. It was built in 1614 and has a capacity for 10,500 people. We also went down into the crypt under the cathedral. We saw pictures of the great damage here during WWII.
Read the full column in the July 29 Advance print edition.

LETTER: Health Pro says get the vaccine

As a health professional trying to prevent illness and deaths, I urge persons ages 12 and older to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. I try to read and research COVID information regularly.
We are blessed in our USA to have relative ease in obtaining this free at pharmacies and county health departments. If you have concerns, please talk to your health provider? I may share a bit...

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