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OUT OF THE PAST: 1946 - 12 new homes built on East St. in Algona

150 Years Ago

The Cliff Hotel has changed hands. Lamb & Henderson have taken possession, and under their management it is bound to be a success.


125 Years Ago

TRAVEL DIARY: Notre Dame de Paris ‘awe inspiring’

By Jim Sloter

FAMILIES OF FAITH: May we rejoice and reflect on the wonder of it all

By the Rev. Walt Reemtsma, Burt/Lone Rock Presbyterian Churches

The following thoughts were inspired by Bill Crowder while reading his book “Windows on Christmas.” 

There is a Christmas Carol that is not heard very often on radio yet its lyrics bear quoting:

I wonder as I wander out under the sky,

How Jesus, the Savior did come for to die.

For poor ornery people like you and like I

I wonder as I wander out under the sky.

FAMILIES OF FAITH: What's with the pink candle?

By the Rev. Thomas Cowell, St. John's Lutheran Church, Burt 

OUR KOSSUTH COUNTY: Protecting patients is a priority

By Dar Elbert, KRHC CEO/CNO

THE ADVANCE EDITORIAL: Go visit the Algona Nativity Scene

No matter what community in which one lives, there is almost always one constant complaint: There is nothing to do around here.

Let us amend that statement here and now. Instead of that statement, we should be inquiring: What is there to do around here that I heard about but never did?

Ethanol’s future...

By Brad Hicks, Publisher

The battle over whether rural Kossuth County residents should be forced through eminent domain to accept the construction of a carbon pipeline across their properties is real-time battle between personal property rights and the argument such an installation serves the public good. The proposed public good is ethanol. The question is: Is ethanol worth it. 

TRAVEL DIARY: Heart of Paris was a slum

By Jim Sloter

After spending the night off the beaten path parked at a Red Cross station near the outskirts of Paris, we had a simple breakfast of coffee and the special sweet waffles Guido’s mother had made and sent with us. 


By Shane Goodman, CITYVIEW

Bob Dole ran for president three times. I was eligible to vote for him twice. I did so once. Reluctantly.

GUEST EDITORIAL: High turnout does not mean there’s no voter suppression

By Kathie Obradovich, Editor in Chief, Iowa Capital Dispatch, copyright-Iowa Capital Dispatch

Iowans turned out in better-than-usual numbers for last month’s city and school board elections. It’s always encouraging to see improvements in voter participation.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, a Republican, attributed the higher turnout to increased voter engagement in local issues.

OUT OF THE PAST: A true remedy is found in electric bitters

150 Years Ago

Furs and Game - Go to Martin’s with your Games and Furs. He will pay you the highest market price for all you bring him.

Winkle & Minkler, at the Meat Market, will pay the highest Price for Beef Cattle, Hogs & Poultry, Hides and Furs. 


125 Years Ago

INKSPOTS: Of Winnie the Pooh and decor

I’m writing this a week before Thanksgiving, but you will be reading it when Thanksgiving is over and we’re into December. My point is, it’s hard to know what tense to use when writing in the now but being read in the future. Oh Bother, as Winnie the Pooh would say. I love quoting Pooh and his friends, as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve read one or more of my columns.

OUR KOSSUTH COUNTY: Algona and Lu Verne school reorganization examination beginning

During the Algona Community School Board meeting on Oct. 11 and the Lu Verne School Board meeting on Oct. 21, both local school boards approved the following members to be on a joint reorganization committee. Algona CSD’s six members will join four members who have been appointed by the Lu Verne CSD to serve on this committee.

ON THE SIDE: IUB is wrong on public records

I don’t own any land that will be impacted and my livelihood isn’t directly connected to the proposed construction of carbon dioxide pipelines across Kossuth County and other parts of rural Iowa. So it has been a fair statement that I don’t have a dog in the fight.

Until now.

THE ADVANCE EDITORIAL: State law to set up precincts needs re-do

A local temporary redistricting commission met twice in the past two weeks to begin the process of setting districts for 2022 and a subsequent decade of board of supervisor elections. But the commission isn’t drawing the lines for the supervisor districts. The commission is only determining where the county’s precinct lines will be drawn. Confused? 

TRAVEL DIARY: Algon the road to Paris

After leaving Roger and Marilou at the Belgian seaside, we stopped short of the French border, about 10 miles away, to fill with gas using our Belgian Francs. Going from country to country in 1983 always required changing money. Some businesses close to a border accepted a neighboring country’s currency but there was usually an exchange rate difference. To avoid reduced value of our money, we bought gas or groceries before crossing into another country.

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