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The Family Chou a riot of characters 

By Michael Tidemann


The Family Chou 

Lan Samantha Chang 

W.W. Norton & Company 

ISBN 978-0393868074 

$12.88 hardcover (On Amazon) 


Sometimes a book not only suggests, but requires, a second reading. 

Families of Faith

By Rev. Dan Jordan - Pastor, Evangelical Free Church, Algona

I Can’t Be Thankful For That

But I can be thankful in that. 

Our Kossuth County - Three key reminders for snow season

By Barb Smith

City of Algona


We’ve enjoyed a nice, long fall season, but we all know what’s coming. That four-letter word of winter will soon be here: snow! Winter weather can strike at any moment, and the street department is gearing up for it. 

Clearing and removing snow from our city streets is a big job, and getting it done properly requires your help. Here are three key things to keep in mind when the snowflakes begin to fall.

License change would deprive consumers of important info

By Randy Evans

The rationale behind Iowa’s professional licensing laws is simple:
 People in certain professions and skilled occupations are required to hold state licenses to work in Iowa. This is to ensure they meet the minimum standard of training and skill necessary to serve consumers safely and effectively.

Out of the Past - Algona gets “Stop and Go” lights

By Gene Miller


150 Years Ago

NECK-TIE FESTIVAL AND OYSTER SUPPER -- A Neck-tie Festival and Oyster Supper will be given under the auspices of the ladies of the Congregational Church tomorrow (Thursday) evening, Nov. 20th. A good time is expected.


125 Years Ago

Throwback: Christmas program Dec. 13, 1976
Letter to Editor

36 years of Tacos for Tots-How it began


On Christmas Eve in 1972 I looked at my wife and said “We have no money to get our 2-year-old boy any presents for Christmas,” and we had very little food to eat. We were both very sad. There was a knock on the door and people came in with food and presents for our little boy. They came in and left. I didn’t find out who they were or even got to thank them. We both had tears running down our faces and we were both super happy.

The pressure is on

By Shane Goodman



Well, it’s almost that time of year again. Time for a family photo. Time to update our address lists. Time to summarize anything and everything that’s changed in our lives this year. Time to fool ourselves into thinking someone might actually read it.

Yes, you guessed it; it’s time to send out holiday greeting cards.

Families of Faith

By Rev. Walt Reemtsma - Pastor, Burt, Lone Rock Presbyterian churches


Have you ever been scammed? Scammers are increasingly getting better at their game and unless you are on guard you can easily get sucked into their trap. I almost got caught in the trap a few weeks ago when I received an email stating that there was a package addressed to my house that could not be delivered for lack of a zip code. 

Our Kossuth County - Are you looking for a way to help?

By Vicki Mallory

Algona Chamber


It’s holiday time again – and that means taking a look at all the great things that happen in our community. I would love to try to list all the things that happen throughout this season but with such a generous community, that is impossible and I would miss mentioning someone. 

Turns out, I sewed about as well as I knitted

By Molly MacDonald

In the mood

By Shane Goodman

To be truly successful in working with others to accomplish great things, one has to be able to identify moods. I’m convinced of that.

Anxious. Alert. Calm. Passionate. Nervous. Agitated. Angry. Cold. Sometimes the signals jump out at you like a Halloween cat. Other times, they are subdued.

Out of the Past - Highest price for Kossuth farmland on record

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

The Sociable at Mrs. McIntyre’s on Friday evening last was one of the largest gatherings of the kind for a long time. The house was literally full, and the enjoyment of the occasion seemed to be universal.


125 Years Ago

Letter to Editor

Celebratory high-fives are premature for Summit Carbon Solutions 

Landowners targeted for eminent domain by Summit Carbon Solutions won several substantial victories in recent weeks, but the fight is far from over.  Our celebratory high-fives must wait.  Summit is wounded but remains a very real threat to the private property rights of thousands across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  

Letter to Editor

Iowa Utilities Board concludes Summit Pipeline Hearing

FORT DODGE—On Wednesday, the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) called the Summit Carbon Solutions hearing to a close after a record setting 83 days. The hearing outcome will determine the fate of Summit’s 688 mile carbon pipeline route in Iowa, including a decision on Summit’s right to eminent domain takings on over 800 parcels of land.

Letter to Editor

Summit Carbon Solutions concludes Iowa Utilities Board Hearings for CO2 Pipeline Project 

The project will provide enhanced economic opportunities across the Midwest. 


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