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I’m not alone; you shouldn’t feel that way either

Trent Trask, Clinical Supervisor, Prairie Ridge.  A father of now two, Jaylon (5 yrs old) and Paxton (2 yrs old), a wife, Kristine, and Goldendoodle Charlee Mae.  Head Boys Varsity Basketball coach for West Fork CSD.  I enjoy going on vacations, sports, riding my Polaris RZR, and spending time with family.  I also have been diagnosed with Bipolar Depression with spouts of anxiety that no one knows about outside my family.  I share my story because I know it’s vital I do while observing the mi

Throwback: Student builds laser beam
Out of the Past

Wrong car gets decorated


150 Years Ago

HERDING.  We the undersigned will herd cattle for one dollar a head for the season.  Peter & Frederic Dormoy.


125 Years Ago

Letter to the Editor

Elections do have consequences

To the Editor:

    Kyle Stecker: I’m contacting you to let you know of my disappointment regarding the Kossuth County library funding.

    Per your Facebook post in 2022, elections do have consequences.

Our Kossuth County

K/PACED is Preparing for the Summer Intern Program


By Maureen Elbert, K/PACED

Non-compete agreements banned

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) banned non-compete agreements. Some employees were happy. Many employers were not. If you are not familiar with a non-compete agreement, it is a legal document that often prevents an employee from leaving a company to work for another competing company in the same industry. Those who are opposed to these agreements feel they often force employees to stay in jobs.

Tiny but Fierce Library Love Stories

We want to hear your stories.

This series will feature reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words. Send to

Do you have a favorite moment? A favorite book? A favorite librarian? A piece of information the library had that set important wheels in motion? A favorite nook? A favorite smell? An exhibit? A program? Do you love knitting with friends at the library?

Families of Faith

Joy in Christ is Anxiety’s Salve, Isaiah 26:3

By Rev. Peter Talbot, Pastor at Grace Church, Algona

Throwback: Model planes hobby for anyone

From the June 7, 1951 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper

Building model airplanes can be quite a hobby, and it can interest anyone, from six to sixty -says H. T. (Tip) Smiley, who has been at it for the last 18 years.

Ink Spots

Of church ceremonies and an errant veil


I’d have another trip to write about here, except that I haven’t taken it yet, even though by the time you read this, I will have been to Los Angeles and back, once again navigating the friendly skies. With no glitches. I hope.

Writers and Writing

The Girl in the Thistles recounts 1862 Dakota War



The Girl in the Thistles

S.K. Sandvig

Paper Raven Books LLC

ISBN 979-8987402221

$21.99 on Amazon

(Also available in paperback and Kindle)


By Michael Tidemann

While America was embroiled in the midst of a great civil war, yet another war was taking place in Minnesota.

Our Kossuth County

Programs available for tree planting and treatment

By Barb Smith, City of Algona

The spring weather has a lot of people thinking about yard work, gardens and trees. The City of Algona offers programs to assist with the cost of planting and treating trees, and services to help clean up your home and yard.

Tree Programs

Out of the Past

New Trinity Lutheran church to be built

150 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

Meet George Jetson

By Shane Goodman

I marvel at many of today’s technological advances. Who would have imagined that Al Gore could have invented this thing called the Internet? And only Dick Tracy could have thought we would have phones on our wrist watches. Mark my word, our cars will be flying soon. Meet George Jetson.

Families of Faith

Lord, Remember Me

By Rev. John Koopman, Pastor of Peace Lutheran in West Bend

Luke 23:43: And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

Throwback: New Convent like a little city
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