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Families of Faith

Something to look forward to

By Rev. Walt Reemtsma - Pastor, Burt, Lone Rock Presbyterian churches

Chickering right....once again

By Shane Goodman

Chickering right.... once again

I learned to type as a student at Algona High School in the 1980s. Our class instructor, Mr. Chickering, said we better all learn how to type, as most all of us would need to know how to use computers in our daily tasks. He was right.

A dangerous consequence of public-notice bill: Iowans won’t know what they don’t know

By Douglas Burns

What separates average-to-good Iowa towns from thriving ones, former Governor Terry Branstad often said, is the presence of locally owned banks and a dedicated community newspaper.

Community newspapers are a big part of what makes Iowa, well, Iowa.

Our Kossuth County - Celebrating the team at KRHC

By Dar Elbert - KRHC


It is hard to believe that March is nearly over, and spring has sprung! Along with the warmer weather days ahead, we have much to celebrate at Kossuth Regional Health Center this spring.

First off, the women have spoken, and Kossuth Regional Health Center proudly accepted the Women’s Choice Award for Best Hospital Obstetrics Care and Best Emergency Care in 2023.

Out of the Past - 1923 Doctor Wallace installs a radio

150 Years Ago

An Entertainment will be given at the Baptist Church, Tuesday evening April 1st, consisting of Recitations, Essays, Tableaux, and the amusing comedy “Mrs. Whimper’s Failure,” by Miss Wooster’s pupils, and Music under the direction of Mrs. Kenyon. Doors open at 7, exercises to commence at 7:30. Admission 25 cents, two-thirds of proceeds to be applied toward the purchase of an organ for the Congregationalist Church.


125 Years Ago

Letter to Editor

On our way to extinction

To the Editor:

Letter to Editor

It’s crunch time for eminent domain reform

To the Editor:

It’s crunch time in the Iowa Legislature with the looming funnel deadline of March 31st. For landowners targeted for eminent domain by the profiteers of the CO2 pipelines it’s been a years-long David and Goliath fight, and the battle is now taking place in the Iowa Senate.

Letter to Editor

Forces of Destiny



Letter to the Editor:

Families of Faith

Easter: when the world says no and God says yes

Rev. John Heille,Lead Pastor, Good Hope, Immanuel and St.John’s Lutheran Churches

The closer we get to Easter one thing gets clear: Easter is God’s great yes. God says yes to new life for all creation and for every one of us. Jesus stepped out of the tomb and he let loose God’s gifts of life, freedom, hope, forgiveness, peace, and joy. Jesus broke out of the tomb and new life broke out.

Advance Editorial

Some members of the Iowa Senate do not think that public notices published in newspapers remain relevant and necessary. A bill filed in the newly formed Technology Committee a few weeks ago moved through committee in two days and last week moved through the Ways & Means Committee in one day. Senate File 546 would result in removing a major component of government transparency.

Out of the Past

The Titanic comes to Algona


150 Years Ago

Mr. Henry Martin, who was injured this winter by being thrown upon a woodpile by a runaway team, and whose limb was amputated in consequence of his injuries, has commenced a suit for damages against the town and the owners of the woodpile, jointly. He claims $20,000. Mr. Martin is now able to leave his room, and walk about the house.


125 Years Ago


Another flight, another slight-but-not-my-fault glitch


Once again I have managed to fly to Los Angeles and back without: 1) losing my wallet; 2) missing my flight because of being immersed in a crossword puzzle; 3) forgetting my carry-on bag at the gate; 4) okay, I think that about covers it.

Algona – a great place for all ages

By Rick Murphy

City of Algona


The Daily Umbrella

If only....


We subscribed to the Sunday Register for all of my childhood years. The news. The sports. The inserts. The classifieds. And what Mom valued the most, the TV guide. That handy little insert was pulled out of the paper and placed on the end table by the couch where she relaxed. We all knew, if you took the TV guide, you put it back where you found it or there would be hell to pay.

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


Once again, AAUW—Algona Branch marked the day, this year March 14, when women earned in 14 ½ months what a man at the same job made in 12 months. It’s getting a little better, but the pay gap still means that skills, titles, and how hard they work do not result in the same salary for women as their male counterpart.

Families of faith

By Rev. Jason Fischer, Lead Pastor, Algona Faith

Purim Courage


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