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Algona – a great place for all ages

By Rick Murphy

City of Algona


The Daily Umbrella

If only....


We subscribed to the Sunday Register for all of my childhood years. The news. The sports. The inserts. The classifieds. And what Mom valued the most, the TV guide. That handy little insert was pulled out of the paper and placed on the end table by the couch where she relaxed. We all knew, if you took the TV guide, you put it back where you found it or there would be hell to pay.

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


Once again, AAUW—Algona Branch marked the day, this year March 14, when women earned in 14 ½ months what a man at the same job made in 12 months. It’s getting a little better, but the pay gap still means that skills, titles, and how hard they work do not result in the same salary for women as their male counterpart.

Families of faith

By Rev. Jason Fischer, Lead Pastor, Algona Faith

Purim Courage


Throwback: Bellringers

From the Kossuth County Advance archives is this gem from 1969 that shows many signs of the time. Ringing for the Boys Chorus and Bellringers on downtown Algona streets last Saturday were left to right: JoAnn Taylor, Liz  Ambrose, Jane Skogstrom and Becky Thoreson.

Letter to the Editor

Show up - Time is running short


To the editor:

Letter to the Editor

Show up - Time is running short


To the editor:

Out of the Past

Nebraska Street will not be vacated


150 Years Ago

Spring Term of Algona College opens March 26th. No school in the west offers better facilities for acquiring a thorough Classical and Scientific Education.


125 Years Ago

On the Side

Transparency is best public policy


Of all the policies government agencies must abide, there is none greater than transparency.

This is “Sunshine Week,” seven days which celebrate the great American – and Iowan – principle that government belongs to the people, and thus, its actions, records, deliberations, considerations, and decisions are to be taken and recorded in view of the public eye.

Change is in the air at West Bend-Mallard

By Amanda Schmidt

West Bend/Mallard


As we head into March, we begin to look forward to planning for a new year and reflecting on the past year. This year has brought many good things and has also brought some changes for the upcoming year. There is one constant in life and that is change. Change means we are moving forward and not standing still, which seems to be the case at West Bend-Mallard.

Families of Faith

Being ridiculous will get God’s attention


Throwback: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast and leprechauns, fairies and clans of Irish decent are preparing a parade and feast to celebrate. Of course it is widely known that ‘Everyone is Irish on March 17. St. Patrick’s Day’. The earliest recorded St. Patrick’s Day observance took place in 1737 in Boston.

Twenty-three U.S. presidents, including President Biden, have Irish roots. Andrew Jackson is the only president whose parents were both born in Ireland.

Out of the Past

50 years ago River Road  golf course planned

150 Years Ago

S. B. CALIFF, Agent for the FAIRBAULT (Minn.) NURSERY, Is now taking orders for FRUIT TREES and Shrubbery of all kinds, including every variety of HOUSE PLANTS & FLOWERS. His orders are for the Spring delivery of 1873. These trees and shrubs are propagated 150 miles north of us, and must for that reason be hardy enough for this climate. S. B. CALIFF.



An ode to my new best friend, Siri

Like so many of you, I just finished filling out the worksheet for my tax return. Unlike so many of you, I have dreaded that task for many years. Until I discovered my new best friend, Siri.

Every hour of every day, awesome things are happening

By Joe Carter



Letter to the Editor

Open letter to Elizabeth Burns – Thompson

Dear Elizabeth,

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