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Summit Carbon Solutions Hearing Shrouded in Secrecy

Iowa Utilities Board continues to keep

crucial hearing information from the public

FORT DODGE—The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) kicked off Summit Carbon Solutions’ hearing to approve or deny the construction of a hazardous carbon pipeline on Tuesday, August 22. Lawyers and landowners have repeatedly called for the hearing to be delayed given outstanding legal matters and unanswered questions.

Inflation Reduction Act will be the Achilles heel of Biden's Cancer Moonshot


By Kenneth E. Thorpe


The Biden administration just announced a new initiative to improve cancer outcomes in low-income communities across the United States. It's sorely needed. Research shows cancer mortality is more than 10% higher in communities experiencing persistent poverty, compared to those that aren't.

Families of Faith

God’s faithfulness shines through

By Rev. John Heille

Lead Pastor, Good Hope, Immanuel and St.John’s

Lutheran Churches

One promise heard throughout the stories and books of the Bible is that God stays faithful.


God’s promises will not be shaken, no matter what.

The scripture repeatedly reveals just how God’s steadfast love endures for imperfect people living in an imperfect world.

That’s gambling

By Shane Goodman

“You ever gambled money, Dad?”

That was a question I asked my father as a 12-year-old boy when we were driving down the road. He replied by asking me if I had a dollar bill and if I could show it to him. I peeled one of the three dollar bills I had out of my billfold and held it up. Dad swiped the dollar from my hand, rolled down his car window, and let that dollar bill fly down the highway.

“That’s gambling,” he told me.

Of how I survived feeding a cast of thousands

By Molly MacDonald

Essay collection captures Iowa heartland

By Michael Tidemann


So what is Iowa, and who are Iowans?

Those are the questions Timothy Fay answers in his charming essay collection, The Wapsipinicon Almanac, recently released by the University of Iowa Press. The book contains a collection of contributions from writers, artists and advertisements over the more than 30-year span of Fay’s literary journal by the same title. Fay published the journal on a letterpress from 1988 through 2018.

Throwback: Is every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man?



Who else would like to see hats come back as a part of an everyday accessory when leaving the house? This ad from the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper encourages every man to make a good impression.

Out of the Past - Boekelman’s strike it rich

By Gene Miller


150 Years Ago

Mr. Calvin, a merchant of Clermont and a relation of M. W. Stough has visited Algona within the last few days on his way to Spirit Lake. This is Mr. Calvin’s first visit to Algona and he expresses himself greatly pleased with the town. Our Court House he considers one of the best in the State.


125 Years Ago

Our Kossuth County - Promoting Algona’s opportunities online and in person

By Rick Murphy, Algona Mayor

When I arrived in the community of Algona years ago, it didn’t take long for me to discover what an active and welcoming community it was. Algona is an excellent place to get started with a new career or business, connect with others through service organizations and build a community of friends.

Families of Faith

By Rev. Jason Fischer - Lead Pastor, Algona Faith

Hold on loosely

The Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 10:39 said, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” God will not take second place. He will not let anyone else sit on His throne. Whatever you try to hold onto you lose, but whatever you give up to God’s care and control you will have forever.

Throwback - 1963 Kossuth County Fair


Enjoy these photos from the 1963 Kossuth County Fair found in the Aug. 27 Kossuth County Advance Newspaper. Then check out the photos and winners from this year’s fair in Section B of this paper. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Out of the Past - One of the best crops ever in Kossuth County

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Mr. Leggett has bought the large building used as a livery stable by Mr. Lamb, and will move it to one of the business streets. He intends fitting it up for a store and renting. The building is quite large and will make a fine comodious store if properly reconstructed.


125 Years Ago

Our Kossuth County - 5-Star Physician Communication

By Dar Elbert - KRHC CEO

Did you know that about one-fourth of patients do not follow their provider’s advice? This lack of conformity to medical advice is due to many different reasons and can include inadequate or confusing communication between the patient and their provider.

The coin pouch is back

By Shane Goodman

When I pay for things with cash, I often throw the coins in a nook on the console of my vehicle. When the coins start piling up, I toss them in my pocket, and they usually end up in my desk drawer, waiting to be exchanged for a Snickers bar in our office vending machines.

Families of Faith

By Dr. Micah Mitchell, Pastor, Lighthouse to Nations, Algona

Waiting on God: soaring with renewed strength

In Isaiah 40:31, we find a verse that holds a profound message of hope and inspiration for living a supernatural lifestyle. It says, “But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

Throwback: Ridiculous Days

Throwback: Algona Publishing staff dresses up

for Ridiculous Days-year unknown

How many faces do you recognize?

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