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Families of Faith

Marked and sealed

By Rev. Kent Madison - Pastor, First Presbyterian Lakota

This past week we began the season of Lent, which is 46 days before we celebrate Easter. Easter is the greatest event in the history of mankind. It is when we as Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Winter term ending at Algona College

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Algona College. -- The winter term of this institution closes two weeks from to-day, and the spring term opens one week later. The attendance during this term has been very good, the latter half showing an increase over the opening. It is expected that some of the younger pupils will give an entertainment in the Hall at the close of the term, to which the public are to be invited.


125 Years Ago

Throwback: Athletes rake lawns as community service
Of musings when I can’t think of anything to write about

By Molly MacDonald

Go all in

By Shane Goodman

I met some friends last week who were in town for the Iowa High School State Wrestling tournament. It is a reunion of sorts for wrestlers and fans around the state to congregate over food and drink and talk about the glory days. I look forward to it each year.

Families of Faith

Deep cleaning

By Rev. Russ Jacobsen - Pastor First United Methodist Church

Many years ago I worked part-time in a grocery store produce department. There were misters that kept the vegetables looking good. I noticed in a list of duties that those misters were supposed to be disassembled and “deep cleaned” on a regular basis. I pointed this out to my supervisor and he said, “We don’t do that”. 

I am a rule follower.

Throwback: Under the big tent



The Algona Kiwanis Club brought the circus to town in June of 1974. An estimated 8,100 persons attended the two shows, making it the biggest daily attendance the circus had that season, which started in February. Kiwanis made a net profit of $3,700 and used the money for community use.

Out of the Past - Order your daffodils to help fight cancer

By Gene Miller 

150 Years Ago

A man registering his name as Joseph Demel, Chicago, was arrested at Waterloo last Tuesday, for passing counterfeit money. A $100 bill was put off at Halstead’s jewelry store, the spurious character of which was at once detected. 


125 Years Ago

Our Kossuth County - 2023 a busy year for museum

By Don Heupel

Kossuth County Ag and 

Motorsports Museum


The Kossuth County Agriculture and Motorsports Museum has just completed a busy and eventful year in 2023. This was the tenth anniversary of the opening of the museum, and we hosted an Algona Chamber Coffee to note this milestone. At that event, we recognized some of the people who were instrumental in bringing this museum to reality 10 years ago.

The land of Is

The land of Is

By Shane Goodman

When I ask a yes/no question, I expect a yes/no answer. Some people are good at answering these types of questions. For others, though, it seems to be an impossible task. Ever wonder why that is? I do, and I continue to research the subject because I am intrigued by how some choose to answer (or, more accurately, not answer).

Families in Faith

God gave us the church

Rev. Peter Talbot

Pastor Grace Church, Algona

Throwback: Lone Rock Jubilee



Today’s throwback photo comes from the July 11, 1974, Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper.

The Lone Rock Bank Jubilee Celebration, July 4th, was attended by over 1000 customers and friends from as far away as California to Maryland. Souvenirs and momentos were passed out to all attending and refreshments were served.

Out of the Past

National Guard Armory to be built

150 Years Ago

EVERYBODY’S DANCE. -- At Court House Hall, Feb. 20, 1871.  Come one, come all, and celebrate the one hundred and forty second anniversary of Washington’s birth day.  General good time is anticipated.  Tickets 75 cts.  BY ORDER OF COMMITTEE.


125 Years Ago


Of Groundhog Day and caring conductors

Last week, in case some of you missed it, we celebrated Groundhog Day. I’ve never been quite sure why the lowly groundhog has his own day. He’s not a particularly handsome or winsome creature. It would make more sense to have a Collie Day. Or a Persian Cat Day. Or a Teddy Bear Day. But no, somehow the groundhog was chosen to be honored.

The Daily Umbrella

Keep reaching for the stars


Our Kossuth County

The calendar started filling itself 

By Anne Kohlhaas



Every January, when the New Year begins, I look over what Stinson Prairie Arts Council accomplished in the past year in delivering interesting and intriguing fine art shows and projects. Then, I start filling in the dates of the next year with new and returning events. 

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