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Blessed to Be a Blessing

Bless, blessed, blessing. These are big words in the church. They are big word in the Bible, too. In the Revised Standard Version of the Bible one can find “blessed” 286 times in 270 verses, “bless” 133 times in 122 verses, and “blessing” 71 ties in 68 verses. Definitely a big deal! We use them in a variety of ways in a number of contexts. Depending upon how it is used, it can mean consecrated (as in blessed sacrament), worthy of adoration (as in blessed trinity), divinely favored or fortunate (as in I am blessed with good health), or blissfully happy, content (as in I feel blessed today).
It seems like we are always asking God to bless one thing or another...
Read the rest of the pastor's column in the Jan. 21 Kossuth County Advance.

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