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Algona High has ‘magical’ Homecoming

Lead Summary

Algona High School’s 2016 Homecoming theme was “The Magical World of Algona High School,” based off of the Harry Potter book series. Throughout the week there were games and dress up days based on this theme. The hallways of the school were also decorated to fit the theme.
Monday was Pajama Day. Quite a few students took advantage of wearing relaxing attire on this day. The sophomore class came in first in the dress up competition with 34 percent of the class dressing up. Second was the freshman and junior classes, both with 33 percent, and last were the seniors with 29 percent of the class participating.
Tuesday was 80’s Day, and the hallways were full of bright colors and big hair. The junior class took first place with 40 percent of the class participating, next was the freshmen with 33 percent of the class, followed by the sophomores with 30 percent of the class, and last were the seniors with 23 percent. Also on Tuesday was the Horcrux Hunt, which was a scavenger hunt around the school grounds. The freshmen narrowly beat the seniors, with the sophomores and juniors following.
Wednesday was Wizards vs. Cowboys Day. The junior class came in first with 42 percent of the class participating, the freshmen were a close second with 41 percent of the class, sophomores came in third with 34 percent and the seniors were 4th with 26 percent. Also on Wednesday Powderpuff Football and Muscle Volleyball were played. Coming in first for Powderpuff were the juniors, followed by the seniors in 2nd, the sophomores in third, and the freshmen in 4th. In Muscle Volleyball, the sophomores took first place, followed by the juniors in second, seniors in third and freshmen in last.
“We didn’t perform to our expectations,” said senior Bryce Bradley after taking third place in Muscle Volleyball.
Thursday was Disney Day. From Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to princesses, there were a wide variety of Disney characters present at AHS. The freshmen won this day with 20 percent of the class dressing up, followed closely by the juniors with 18 percent, the seniors with 17 percent and the sophomores with 16 percent of the class dressing up. 
Also on Thursday there was a trivia contest during TAS among the different grades. Each grades’ top two scores were counted out of all the people who competed in each grade. First and second were taken by two junior groups out of Mr. Connick’s TAS group, while seniors Morgan VanZante and Gabe Young were in third and fourth, followed by freshmen Zoey Lien and Caleb Hommez in fifth and sixth, and sophomores Samuel Solbach and Paige Nygaard in seventh and eighth.
Friday was Spirit Day, and it was a day packed with activities. Starting in the morning, the cheerleaders, drum line, Bulldog, and senior football players had pep rallies at all of the elementary buildings. 
Friday afternoon started out with a pep rally, where a group of students from each grade played quidditch, a game highlighted in Harry Potter. The sophomores came in first for the grades but lost to the teacher team. In second were the seniors. Also highlighted at the pep rally were the cheerleaders, band, drill team and Coach Jacobson. The pep rally ended with the past king and queen, Nate Doidge and Conner Yi, crowning Nick Stein and Sophie Curtis as Algona High School’s 2016 Homecoming King and Queen. After the pep rally, the weather cleared up just as the students went uptown to enjoy the parade. The parade highlighted all of the elementary students, Harry Potter themed high school billboards, middle school flags, the fall sports teams, king and queen candidates, foreign exchange students, the middle school and high school bands, and much more! 
That night the Algona Bulldogs hosted the Spirit Lake Indians. After a hard battle, the Bulldogs fell short, losing 55-14. After the football game, students gathered in the parking lot outside the school for games, food, and music. With over 150 students in attendance, all had fun.  
Overall the week was a lot of fun! Kudos to the Algona High School Student Senate for putting on such a fun week of activities.

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