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2017 is here and we’re ready to roll

Ideas are just that - ideas until they come to fruition. For the past three months, we, at the Algona Upper Des Moines, have been discussing different ways we can improve the community’s newspaper.
In the Dec. 15 issue, you were able to see one of our new ideas. A ‘Community Choices’ page was unveiled and we heard many positive comments about the outcome of that initial issue. A ‘Community Choices’ page will run the third week of each month and we are excited about where that is going. Each month we will be able to provide insights on what people are doing to make a healthy life for themselves.
Another new idea is in today’s issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. We have started a rotating column series written by various leaders around Kossuth County. Algona Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Vicki Mallory was gracious enough to write this first column that will appear on page 2 of each issue. We will have authors talking about county activities, agricultural activities, education, health care and business.
If that is not enough, today we have started a campaign to change the name of our newspaper and we are asking for our reader’s help. Just below Mallory’s column is a clip-out coupon where our readers can send in their ideas about what they believe the newspaper’s name should be changed to. The winning idea will receive a $100 gift certificate. The idea needs to be sent in by the end of January. If you have an idea, don’t wait...get it into us as soon as possible.
Along with these new ideas, two new employees joined our ranks this week.
John Johnston came in on Tuesday to take over the reigns as publisher of the Algona Upper Des Moines. From all indications, he is ready to push our newspaper to a different level. In addition, Alyssa Thilges came on board on Wednesday as a writer. It is always nice to have a person come into a business that brings with her energy and determination. Sometimes that can be the spark that is needed to help generate new ideas.
So come and join us in 2017. We’re excited about the direction the Algona Upper Des Moines will be taking this year. And we hope that you will enjoy all those changes with us.


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