Planning begins in County for vaccine distribution

Preparations are in the works for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kossuth County Public Health is actively planning for the COVID-19 vaccination distribution for the near future. Planning processes include developing Point of Dispensing clinics (POD’s) that are either open POD or closed POD to ensure availability of vaccine for Kossuth County residents and working with partners to assist with coordination of vaccine deployment.

 Open PODs are those clinics for the public to go to receive the vaccine. There are plans for two open PODs ensuring one in the northern part of Kossuth County and one in Algona. Closed PODs are designed to help off load the number of citizens that would be going through the open POD, thus allowing a more systematic approach to administrating the vaccine.

Kossuth County Public Health has been working for years to have local business to prepare to self-manage dispensing. At least two closed points of dispensing (POD) are being set up in Kossuth County to assist with distribution of a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic when it arrives.

“Public Health is also working on establishing additional closed PODs in Kossuth County,” said David Penton, Kossuth County Emergency Management/911 coordinator.


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