Kossuth agencies say they are ready for COVID-19

KOSSUTH COUNTY—Local agencies say they are prepared for the COVID-19 coronavirus when it arrives, and many local organizations and government offices are now limiting access or schedule adjustments.

“Our main concern with the virus is educating the people,” said David Penton, Kossuth County Emergency Management coordinator. “It is a new virus. There is not a vaccine for it.

“We want to maintain a level of vigilance without causing that hysteria that seems to be happening. There is no need for overreaction, but it is an event that needs to be taken seriously,” he added.

“We will do what we can to prevent it. If you’re sick, stay at home. If you’re truly sick, it is time to call your local health care provider.”

Martha Hoffman, an infection preventionist at Kossuth Regional Health Center, said, “Our main concern is how quickly the coronavirus seems to spread once cases begin to appear. This is why we have been focused on preventing the spread of all respiratory illnesses, so covering your cough and washing your hands are two very helpful steps.”


See the story in the March 19 Kossuth County Advance

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