Finding crop storage space

GALBRAITH — Just south of this unincorporated town with Five Star Co-op located in it, Dean Berte has built another grain bin on his farm. He built it because he needs more storage space for his crops.

“The challenge is having good storage for the crops and getting the crops sold,” he said. “Sometimes the prices don’t get high, but you still have to move the grain sometime. I like to be empty before summer comes around.”

Current corn prices are low. The result is that as farmers approach fall harvest, elevators and grain bins are full of corn and soybeans. Storage space could be a problem for farmers around Kossuth County and around the country. 

As of June 1, the state of Iowa has 1.15 billion bushels of corn in storage, according to Karl Setzer, Commodity Trading Advisor/Market Analyst for MaxYield Cooperative. Last year that number was 1.01 billion bushels of corn.


More more on this story, please see the Aug. 24 issue of Kossuth County Advance.


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