Budding artist transforms underpass

ALGONA — A simple email took the city by surprise and started a painting project that would evoke the curiosity of many community members. 

Since the beginning of the summer, Emma Plathe has been painting away, attempting to revitalize the Oak Street underpass with a bright mural.  

“I would drive by there every day to go to work and it was just so sad looking and it needed something. I thought, what if they would let me paint it,” explained Plathe. 

Determined to find out if the project was possible, she began surfing the Internet to discover whom she should talk to. Finally deciding to email Mayor Lynn Kueck, Plathe explained her intentions and was given the okay on the understanding that the painting would be tasteful so as to not offend anyone.


For more on this story, please see the Sept. 14 issue of Kossuth County Advance.


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