An Algona Plan of Attract

ALGONA—Algona can be a gateway to attract businesses and people like other smaller Iowa communities have done, according to Zach Mannheimer, a community place maker with McClure Engineering in Des Moines.

“The best thing Algona can do right now is put together a marketing and communications plan, as well as an incentive relocation plan,” he said during a phone interview last week, associated with how the “multiplier effect” can benefit small Iowa communities like Algona..

He said the plan should target Minneapolis, Des Moines and Siouxland metro areas. “It’s safe to assume there are going to be several thousand people in those communities who are looking to relocate,” he said  “The estimate is that 10 percent of the workforce across the country has already left urban areas and are teleworking in suburban and rural areas. Our estimation is that two years from now,  20 percent of the workforce is going to relocate.”

For more of the story, see the July 30 edition of the Kossuth County Advance.

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