Roasting temperatures, roasted veggies

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You know you are living in Iowa when one week gives us temperatures that feel like a freezer section, and the next week it’s like we’ve been tossed into a roaster oven. The temperatures have been high, but a little roasting isn’t a bad thing when it comes to vegetables. Last Saturday, I heard a lot of chatter around the table about roasted radishes – a delicious way to eat this early spring vegetable that bring beautiful color to our plates in June.

Most people enjoy radishes raw – sliced into a salad, dipped in ranch dressing or just plain by themselves. Cooking them brings out a little of their sweet flavor and reduces the spicy “radish bite” that tends to grow stronger as the heat of the summer settles in. While I’ve certainly seen radishes on the grill, I typically roast them in the oven with this recipe:

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