Friends' book sale raises funds for Algona library renovation

ALGONA – The annual Friends of the Library Book Sale in Algona last week was more than an ordinary book sale to weed out library books. It was an opportunity for the Friends of the Library to assist in the library renovation project.

“We wanted to sell as many books as possible,” said Faye Weydert, president of the Friends of the Library. “Whatever we take in will help with renovations. We want to raise as much as we can to add to the renovation.”

The library’s Books ‘n Stuff sale, staffed by the Friends of the Library, ran July 8-11. There were all types of books: fiction, non-fiction, large print, young adult, children’s and other. Also, there was a selection of games, kitchen items, arts and crafts material and other library supplies.

“Each year, most librarians weed materials to make room for new items on the shelves and to replace outdated materials,” said Lori Walton, library director. “It’s been quite some time since the Algona Public Library has done a thorough weeding project, and this year has been a great time for us to do it because we will be moving to our temporary location later this summer.”

When weeding takes place, librarians look at the age and condition of the book, how relevant the topic is to the current needs and interests of patrons, and how many times it has been checked out during a certain time period. 

Walton said weeding keeps the library’s book collection fresh and appealing.

“We’ve been pretty busy,” Weydert said on Thursday afternoon. “I’m very pleased with what’s going on. I’m pleased with the book sales and those willing to donate.”

Jenna Zinnel, who is an elementary teacher in Spencer and is from Algona, browser for children’s books for her classroom. “This is the first book sale I’ve been to. There are a lot of great books to look at,” she said. “I think it’s awesome to have people come in and purchase books.”

Mary Evers, who browsed the fiction selections, said she loves books. “When they’re given away, I can’t pass that up. I love this. It is a good way to weed out books that don’t get circulated or checked out. There are more books for others to see.”



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