Darci Conner, the K-12 art teacher at West Bend-Mallard School District, checks on materials she will use in her classroom when school starts Aug. 24. She believes employers are looking for employees with creative skills. A piece of  her artwork is shown above right. Photo by Alan Van Ormer

Employers seek creativity in today’s workforce

WEST BEND—Darci Conner likes to create. And that is one thing she hopes she can pass on to her students when art classes begin at the West Bend-Mallard School District on Aug. 24.

“Creativity is one of the things employers are looking for these days,” she said. “They’re looking for somebody who can send a business in a different direction so they can be more successful.”


Read more about Darci Conner, her intentions for the classroom this year and art in general in the August 6 edition of the Kossuth County Advance. The story is on the weekly Community Spotlight page, which this week celebrates West Bend and Whittemore. Next week's page will celebrate Corwith, Lu Verne and Wesley. 

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