Coincidences? Nah, it was God

About a month ago, my wife and I were able to spend a week in Yuma, Ariz., during which we spent time with some dear longtime friends. The week was packed with times of reminiscing and seeing the sites of the area. During our time there, I was reminded on three occasions of the fact that God is always with us and looking out for us.

The first occurred in the Des Moines airport. When it was time to board the plane, I gathered my carry-on, jacket and boarding pass and proceeded to board the plane. As I was headed for the very back row of seats, I suddenly realized that I had left my shoulder bag in the waiting area. This bag was especially important to me as it contained the boarding passes for our connecting flight to Yuma and my diabetic insulin. My first thought was, “How am I going to get turned around in the narrow airplane aisle, buck the many passengers intent on finding their seat, and get my shoulder bag, hoping that it would still be in the place where I left it?” As I turned around, right behind me was the plane hostess carrying my shoulder bag. THANK YOU, GOD!

The second occasion occurred on our flight back. We were seated on the plane and ready to leave Yuma when the pilot announced that there would be a slight delay in regard to takeoff as there was a mechanical malfunction which could be easily remedied. He went on to say that as soon as the required mountain of paperwork was completed, we would be on our way. Sometime later we were cleared for takeoff, but by that time we had to wait for an air space in which to fly. Finally, after about 50 minutes we were able to take off for our short 35-minute flight.

When we landed in Phoenix, we had about a 25-minute window during which to catch our connecting flight to Des Moines. Of course, our plane landed at the farthest point from the gate from which our plane to Iowa would be leaving shortly. My wife and I began to power walk and while making good progress my lungs were starting to rebel. About the time that I thought I would never be able to get to our assigned gate on time, we saw an airport passenger transport cart looking for riders. I asked the man if he could get us to gate 25 and within seconds, he had us seated, took responsibility for our luggage, fastened our seat belts and off we sped to gate 25. We arrived at our gate with about 10 minutes to spare. THANK YOU, GOD.

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